Postdoctoral Work

In 2017, I joined Maja Adamska’s group at the Australian National University to conduct my postdoctoral research. My work at ANU focuses on the evolution of animal body plan organisation.

Sycon capricorn, a model to investigate evolution of animal body plans

(photo credit: Sue Newson, Crest Diving)


PhD Studies

My interest in studying population genetics of species of conservation concern brought me to conduct my PhD research under Dr. Melanie Culver at the University of Arizona. Soon after beginning my studies I became immensely intrigued by the potential for epigenetic data to enhance the study of environmental response in endangered and threatened species. Following my interests, I embarked on a research plan to measure genetic and epigenetic population structure in the endangered Sonoran pronghorn. Over the course of my dissertation work I also performed subspecies assignment tests for California pronghorn museum samples and developed a suite of microsatellite markers for the crested caracara. For further information, see details on each project below.


Genetics of Arizona pronghorn


(photo credit: Jim Hervert, AGFD)


Population Epigenetics in Pronghorn

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 12.41.32 PM

(pronghorn photo credit: George Andrejko, AGFD)


Subspecies Assignment of California Pronghorn Museum Specimens


(photo credit: Mark Jorgensen)


Microsatellite Marker Development for Crested Caracara

TX10 northern caracara 111_3176

(photo credit: